Don’t Speak ABOUT the Mountain, Speak TO it!

Christ teaches us a mystery in Mark 11:23. He literally hands us keys that power us to live and operate in His Kingdom realm! In this scripture He hands us two of these keys to unlock the power that lies within us to move the “mountains” in our lives. It says:

“For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

The first principle is to have faith without doubting. When you send out the WORD, it has dominion in this earthly realm. The second one is this: speak TO the mountain, not ABOUT it. This is SO powerful. How often are we hit with an obstacle, as big as a mountain, yet all we do is talk about it? Christ didn’t tell us to live this way. He literally handed us KEYS to the kingdom! These are principles—laws that when applied have predetermined results!

We aren’t designed to “figure it all out”. We are called to speak to the storm, just like Jesus did on the boat in Mark 4:35-41. He had already spoken the WORD that they were going to cross over to the other side of the sea. This was why He was able to sleep through the storm. But the disciples were taken by fear and woke Jesus up. What Jesus wanted them to do instead was to REPEAT what He had already declared and speak to the storm! “We are going to the other side! Peace be still!”

Are you experiencing a storm in your marriage? Is there a mountain that you can’t seem to move? Do you find yourselves speaking about the problem and trying to find ways to fix or remove it with physical means?

What if we told you there was a SIMPLE way to deal with it? Jesus tells us to BELIEVE and SPEAK to the mountain; COMMAND it to move in the name of Jesus!

Don’t keep the kingdom keys in your pocket or hanging on the hook. Learn to operate in the kingdom by taking authority given to you by Christ and start unlocking the power He gave you to reign!! You are kingdom BUILDERS!

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How To Find Peace In Your Marriage

Have you ever been in a situation where you desperately need God’s guidance? How do you get it?

First off, you need to have intimacy with God in order to hear His voice. This happens by spending time with Him in the secret place. Where you spend alone time with God, seeking His face. It’s an atmosphere of total surrender and desperate longing for Him. It is where you choose to die to your flesh to step into your kingdom identity as you soak in His Presence.

When you get to that place, as a believer in Christ, you have access to boldly approach the King, Abba Father, to make known your requests. It’s a place where you can ask Him for His wisdom and guidance. You can present your case to Him and He will begin to speak to your spirit.

It’s a place where God will speak a rhema Word (spoken Word) over you. He gives you a glimpse of what has already transpired in the spirit realm so that you can receive it and speak it. It’s the place where you come into agreement with what was written in your book before the foundations of the earth in heaven concerning your destiny (Psalm 139:16).

In this place, power is unleashed, and God’s peace beyond understanding is deposited inside of you regarding your circumstance. No matter what things look like in physical reality, the Word God drops in your spirit overrides what your physical eyes see and you instead begin to see by faith!

When you BOTH pursue God in the secret place, just imagine the power that can be unleashed in your marriage! Because when two agree touching anything on earth (Matthew 18:19)…you become an unstoppable force!

What are you seeking God for today? Are you lacking peace? Choose to step into the secret place with your King. Come into agreement with your spouse, declare what you know and watch your life transform!

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If God Can Save Kanye, He Can Save Your Marriage

Is your marriage in a wreck? Maybe you’ve already written it off…

You’ve checked out emotionally and mentally, and maybe you’re getting ready to check out physically—all hope seems to have just drained out of you.

You can’t even see a way back to restoration. It’s been this way for so long—your love has gone stagnant. You’re merely co-existing.

BUT—when Lazarus died, Jesus brought Him back to life—four days after! His body stunk, he was decaying and everyone mourned around his grave. All hope seemed lost. There was no logical way that the situation could be reversed—BUT GOD!

Lately, we’ve been smacked with the shocking reality that Kanye West gave his life to Christ. Skeptics are still finding it hard to believe—but the truth is—Kanye has left us with NO reason to doubt His RADICAL conversion to Christ! We are living in exciting times. God will use the foolish things to confound the wise. He STILL revives dead things and brings them to LIFE! Who would have ever thought—wait a minute—KANYE?

Kanye West, born again?!?!

That’s right—if God could do THAT, what CAN’T He do for YOUR marriage? It may seem too far gone, too late. The marriage is dead. Let’s call it what it is. The thought of trying to revive a dead thing only brings on a deeper sense of despair and exhaustion.

But here’s the good news: it’s not up to you to do it—it’s all Jesus. Surrender your marriage. Put it in God’s hands. Spend time in the secret place with Christ and allow Him to perform CPR on your marriage and breathe HIS life back into you, your spouse and your marriage.

It IS possible.

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I stood in a gutter of shame

Alone, broken and filthy

Then a voice pieced the darkness

Like a sword through my soul, it called me

I looked up and gazed at the blinding light

I saw nothing but white hope

It blazed over my blackened clothes

And cloaked me in a white robe

In His eyes flashed a reflection

Of lashes, bruises and nails

Streams of red life gushing His wounds

I heard “It is finished” He paid my bail

He took on my guilt to trade it for mercy

A love so deep, I fell down in surrender

He handed me keys to a royal Kingdom

To reign in His glory and splendour

I asked Him “how I could ever be worthy?”

“Why did you take my place?”

He lovingly looked in my eyes and said

I created you to love you, it is called grace


You reached down to my world from eternity

To meet me in meekness and frailty

I didn’t deserve it, my verdict was ‘guilty’

Yet You poured out Your life as a ransom for me

Breaking my chains and setting me free

From the darkness and shame that entangled me

You clothed me with Your righteousness

Erasing my sin from Your consciousness

Your grace is too great for my mind to process

You call me Your daughter, a royal princess

What did I do to deserve such glory?

I simply said yes, to be a part of Your story

Feed me each day my daily manna

Renew my mind by the voice of Your rhema

Open my eyes to the realm of Your kingdom

To bring heaven down and bring others to freedom

The Mystery of Marriage

Ephesians 5:32 reveals to us the mystery of marriage: Christ and His Church.

Can it be that so many marriages, even in the Body of Christ, are failing miserably because we haven’t grasped the gospel of grace?

If the Word of God tells us that marriage is a reflection of the gospel, we ought to make sure our marriage is in line with the principles of the gospel.

Have we allowed the culture to dictate what marriage should look like? The apostle Paul has laid it out clearly for us; the man’s role should shadow Christ, and the Woman’s role His Bride—the Church. The Church is infilled with the Holy Spirit, which gives the woman similar attributes.

What a beautiful picture of unconditional love.

The man loves his bride with a sacrificial love. He protects her, intercedes for her and provides for her every need—spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical.

The woman submits to him, reveres him, encourages and assists him in administrating domestic affairs with nurturing care and gentle guidance.

Together, they are a fortress. They dominate and conquer all adversity—because Christ is their ultimate mould.

Together they are ONE—they share one purpose—to mature into the likeness of Christ and know TRUE love.

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Behind the Scenes Confession

Can I be totally transparent?

Haters gonna hate!

Starting a marriage ministry together has NOT been easy—had we done this for ourselves and in our own strength—we would have quit a long time ago. As a young couple, who both have a history of a failed marriage—you can probably imagine the judgement and skepticism we’ve had to endure. However, one thing is for sure; God qualifies whom He calls, and we know the calling that is on our lives.

How do we know?

Had you told us we would become relationship coaches five years ago we probably would have called you a “propheLIAR!” Lol! We didn’t see it coming—even though we knew God put us together for a specific purpose. He began to put a burning passion within us to write a book together, that God had spoken to Cassidy about, years before he had even met me!

Isn’t God amazing?

Not only that—but it was out of this book that our ministry was birthed. We began arranging marriage conferences, couples date nights and workshops—against all odds. In the process, we endured a lot of rejection—and from those we least expected! Those we thought would support us most began to disappear, and those who should have encouraged us spoke discouragement over us. We were shunned, criticized and put aside—BUT GOD! He never gave up on us. He continued to be faithful and strengthen us. He surrounded us with the right people to speak LIFE over us when we needed it most. He has been our Source, not mere humans. There were times we even began to question the calling—but we kept clinging to Christ and plowed through—until finally breakthrough came.

We began seeing marriages TRANSFORMED. Had we only impacted ONE marriage—all of it would have still been worth it! But the fire in us has only blazed hotter! We will continue to fight for marriages because we know that if God is with us, who can be against us?

The lesson in all this? Don’t question your calling—instead, question the negative voices you listen to! When God calls you to a task, He also provides the means—but there’s ALWAYS a character test to pass in the process. If you can’t deal with rejection, you’ll fail the test!

Stay focused on Christ, and don’t look back!

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Law VS Love

Going as far back as the Old Testament, we see a common pattern; the law kills, while grace brings life!

Is this because the law is evil? Absolutely not! But it brings death because nobody has ever been able to keep it except for Christ Jesus, the embodiment of perfection.

If you break one law, you break them all! So what was God trying to show us by giving us the law? It was to show us His holiness, and how much we fall short of it. It was a diagnostic. But some people choose to stop there and they totally MISS IT!

There is GOOD NEWS!

God sent Christ so that we could partake in His holiness THROUGH Christ!! He loved us so much that He sent Jesus to keep the law PERFECTLY and shed His blood on the cross for us as an ETERNAL sacrifice in our place! It was the BIGGEST display of unconditional love!

The purpose of His death was to give us LIFE. But the age old question that has been asked and contorted over the generations is HOW? Some think that we have to earn this reward by following a number of steps. Some believe that God’s grace is big, but still not enough, because they have to add to it in order for it to take effect. NOTHING could be further from the truth. The Word assures us that the old has passed away (the law) and that the new has come (the gospel of grace).

Christ has come to show us a more excellent way—simply BELIEVE in what happened to Him and RECEIVE IT by FAITH!

No strings attached.

His POWER is sufficient for YOUR marriage! Something powerful happens when you believe in God’s amazing grace. It transforms us. For the gospel to work in power it cannot be diluted or added to. Otherwise, we actually run the risk of making Christ’s sacrifice useless. Ouch. Apply this to your marriage TODAY!

When you focus on the law you will fail, when you focus on love you’ll PREVAIL!

Don’t follow rules—follow HIS GRACE!

Let’s not over complicate what Christ did for us. Don’t you see? He loves you THAT much! You don’t deserve it, nor can you do anything to ever deserve it. He made it simple—just believe and receive, and He will make you righteous in HIS eyes. Because to Him you deserve it because of HIS sacrifice!

Isn’t that MIND BLOWING??

How can you not be changed after this revelation?

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